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How To Start

The Typical Process of Buying Your Log or Timber Frame Home Package

Step #1
Ball Park Pricing Free no cost service

When we first talk, you probably donít have your Home plans drawn to scale yet but rather you have a rough idea of your future home size and shape. You also know some other key things such as if you will have a loft, covered porch, quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms etc. Typically our log home advisors can ask you some simple questions and then develop a ball park price for what a project like yours might build for. We try to be as accurate as we can from the information we gain in our discussion with you as we donít want you to be surprised later. Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes offers this as a free service. This is an excellent time for you to think about house payments and taxes and make sure you are comfortable with the idea.
For your verbal Ballpark price allow approximately 1-2 business days.

Step #2
Plan Service Free with purchase of home package

When you are ready to move forward in the process you will need to have your home plans drawn or customized for your project. Once we draw your home plans we can all see the project black on white, and there will be no more wondering if we are all on the same page. Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes plan service fee is $1.00 per square foot for our typical log home, hybrid, and exposed beam packages and $2.00 per square foot for our Custom Timber packages, Timber Frame packages, or one-of-a-kind designs. This plan service fee is refundable with your purchase of a Golden Eagle Log Home package valued at $50,000 or more.
Floor plans are completed in approximately 7-12† business days. Add for mailing time also.

Step #3
Plan revisions Up to 50 revisions Free

After your floor plans are drawn for you, the odds are pretty good you will see your home in a different light and you may need a few changes. You are able to make up to 50 revisions to the floor plans to your plan without paying any additional plan fee costs. This is a good time to decide which walls on the interior of your home should be tongue and groove pine, log, drywall etc.
Tip: Donít rush this part; it is usually best to study the plans for a week or more before requesting changes.
Plan requests are typically completed within 5-7† business days. Add for mailing time also.

Step #4
Preliminary Proposals Free no cost service

Now that you have a good set of plans we will be able to get your home priced pretty close. We say pretty close because you still need to fine tune a few things and that will happen in the next step when you make your final selections.
Preliminary proposals are very detailed and take about 7-14† business days. Add for mailing time also.

Step #5
Preliminary Engineering / Final Selections
$2,500.00 payment due at this point or jump to Step 6.

#1) Our engineering staff will now review the structural makeup of your home plans and determine; and properly size the posts, headers, beams, bearing points, floor joists and more. One of our senior project expediters will typically invest time with your local building inspector at this point to verify local snow and wind loads that are specific to your building area. We also check and see if there are local codes that take precedent over your state building code; investing this time now helps us be very accurate with your final proposal pricing, and helps your project go smoother later.

#2) You have seen the preliminary contract proposal and you are going to build this home. Awesome! This is the point where you pay $2,500.00 towards your package. This money is credited towards your package if you buy the package or forfeited if you back out on the purchase of your Golden Eagle Log Home package. Now letís get those final decisions made such as what will your kitchen look like, choose the perfect front door, etc. After you make your final selections, we can put together your final proposal. This pricing should be final and unless you get carried away when making your final selections, the final proposal price should be pretty close to the preliminary pricing we did for you in step #4.
Most clients with guidance can wrap up their color selections in one session.

Step #6
Preparing the Final Proposal Free no cost service

The 10% Down proposal is used when you want to start building within 6 months to one year. You would pay the balance of your 10% down, promise us you are done changing the plans, provide a map to your building site, and set up a firm or approximate delivery date with our shipping experts. We could then proceed with the final code compliance engineering and have your package ready to ship in as quickly as 8-10 weeks. Please allow a 12-week lead time if your home has custom timber trusses or truss accents.

Tip: You will probably need code compliant plans to pull your building permit and get your foundation in the ground. So with that in mind, you would pay the balance of your 10% down, promise us you are done changing the plans, provide a map to your building site, and set up a firm or approximate delivery date with our shipping experts at least six weeks before you go for permits. Once you take care of the above steps we can proceed with the code compliance engineering and get the Final Plans ready for the building permit and actual construction.
We will need to price any changes you made while choosing your final selections; therefore the preparing of this proposal typically takes 7-14 business days.

† This timeline is accurate for about 75% of the year. Expect delays during rush periods such as spring.

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